Our Story

I’m Brian Grissom and I started Catalyst Company after spending years “finding time” for coaching amid my professional life.

Coming from a technical background, it wasn’t expected of me to have a desire to work with people. However, more and more, I found myself working through certifications and workshops geared around helping people achieve their goals. I found myself leading training sessions and seeking out 1-on-1s with people to give them that extra edge.

I actually had my “a-ha” moment years after my first coaching session. I was relaying a story about my experience getting my MBA, where we were required to meet with a coach as part of a class. I was explaining to a mentee about how we have to be accepting of our feedback in order to grow from it, and how in my story, I hadn’t been ready.

I realized I had told the story and how much it had affected me many times before, but until that moment had never realized the coach had directly affected me. The coaching, even the small number of sessions I’d had in a “forced” environment – had helped me define my path and put a plan in place. My coach had pointed out my apparent desire to help others achieve…and here I was, years later, carving time out of my schedule to make sure I was able to do that. Against my best efforts, I had been coached!

I want to help you become the best you. I want to partner with you and blaze the path of high performance and achievement.

Let us be your Catalyst.